Women Entombed in a Wicked Cycle of Harassment

Woman a God’s creation which embellishes love and motherhood. Certainly not to be treated as a waste thing to be manhandled. Yet attempts of this practice exist in the society with great accomplishments to another level. Women are exploited all over the world, be it any country, they are assassin for dowry in Asia regions, rape, molest, trafficked for their attractive bodies and fleshy trade is the name we all are aware of. These horrid issues of our community make it an unsafe place to live in for ladies.

Physical harassment to women is rationalized by few categories of men whose corrupt mind believes that they are born to suffer. Women’s exploitation flourishes on stereotypes approach that female genre are weak and act as a prey. Not only under-developed countries face these irking and derogatory events of aggravation but also, a country which better known as a superpower in the world i.e. America, does face the presence of this social issue. Violence robs girls of their full potential making a mark on their respective futures.

Variety of places where women are subjugated globally.

  • Workplace – Women acquire a space in the global workforce yet their anguish remains invisible in terms of abuse and discrimination at the workplace.
  • Home- Cases of domestic violence and molestation are common phenomena. Even physical and verbal abuse are communal in a relationship.
  • In the crowd- Women are ill-treated in the crowd, incidence like physical mistreatment and inappropriate, eve-teasing touch being normal.
  • At school- Girl child at educational institutions are bullied and assaulted by numerous people around.
  • Inside prisons- Ladies are often victims of social crimes inside federal prisons too. According to Human Rights Watch, at least 15% of incarcerated females have been victims of prison sexual assault. (Ref.- https://www.jurist.org/commentary/2014/09/christina-piecora-female-inmates/)

In America, 1181 women were killed by an intimate partner which was an average of three women every day in 2005. In 2006, the population of females being raped or sexually assaulted been 2,32,260 according to the National Crime Victimization Survey. (Ref.- https://now.org/resource/violence-against-women-in-the-united-states-statistic)

Credit Status of Women in the States

From the department of justice study that of over 2000 women in America surveyed, 84% of Native American and Alaskan Native women have experienced violence. (Ref.- https://www.hcn.org/articles)

Females of our society are been vindictively attacked, beaten, teased, mistreated, raped, abducted, and whatnot. Wonder, what their fault is, a simple explanation is that they are among God’s most beautiful and vulnerable creations. Although measures are taken by U.S. federal government to alleviate this curse of society yet it persists. In America, where equal rights are given to people be it, men or women, women and girls are trafficked each year between 15000 to 50000 reckoned by the state department.

Measures to eradicate women’s exploitation and trafficking include harsher criminal legislation and punishment. To combat situations like violence to this tender gender laws are made by the federal government to rescue the genre from this contagious epidemic called exploitation and abuse.

The main federal law is the Violence against women reauthorization act of 2013, which provides aid to sufferers of assault and domestic violence.

  • The Family Violence Prevention and Services Act
  • Local Law about Violence against women.

Also, in 1920, wife-beating was made illegal and implemented stringently on to all the states in the U.S.

Few rights of the sufferer of violence are the right to be treated fairly, the right to be present in public court proceedings, to restitution, and many others. In addition to it, their phone lines and other sources to support victims also encourage them to report the event.

Yet in the current pandemic situation, domestic violence in the U.S spiked by 8.1% according to a review of studies on violence by the Council on Criminal Justice (Ref.- https://www.usnews.com/) Stay at home and locked down leading to domestic terrorism against women.

All efforts will be futile if we as a society will not take ownership and pledge to stand out against gender exploitation. A candid attempt is a must to establish dread to those involved in wreaking to women.

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