USA Being an Eye Candy for Immigrant Entities

Immigration seems an easy task yet has immense complications as every country has their complex rules to follow. With boundaries to discriminate and differentiate people of another region. The act of immigration still a reprieve in order to gel up diverse individuals together. Immigration process in the US is abiding with open yet stringent federal laws in the US, as to be careful who stays in the country as a permanent citizen.

One in seven U.S residents is an immigrant, meaning, American household members have a major contribution of immigrant people, whereas native born citizen was one in eight residents with at least one parent belonging to America since birth. In 2108, 44.7 million immigrants comprised 14 percent of the national population of the US. (Ref.-

Immigration law in the US is shaped on below ideologies.
• Admitting immigrants who are deft and can be useful for the US economy.
• Shielding refugees.
• The amalgamation of families.
• Promoting assortment.

The openness of immigration by Americans leads to gleaming increments in culture and enhance our presence in the world.
• Immigrants are given the enormous range of economic growth, as they present a variety of much needed skills to the workplaces.
• Foreign members of America promote entrepreneurship and are more likely to get into new business than the majority of American natives. Among 500 companies, 40 percent were founded by immigrants and their children. This opens another channel of evolution for the country and a name across the globe.
• Immigrants incorporate new ideas and generate innovative products, adding up in various domains like technology, business, service and many others. One study found, “More than half of the high skilled technology workers and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are foreign born”. (Ref- These foreign entities can fill in skilled worker requirements like nurses, doctors etc.
• A Pivotal solution to the aging population of the country being immigrants as the number of US born workers have diminished and dwindled over the age. And a huge shrink will be noticed by 2035.
• Foreign born people as settlers in America, enhance the cultural value of the country as individuals from representing different traditions of their origin places adding value to the region they settle in currently.
• The law of immigration ensures that all foreign invaders come to the place legally. The policies to promote visitors to America expand legal entry and work.

Such integration of different families belonging to a variety of nationalities coming as settlers in America brought an arena of uncountable opportunities of work also contributing to the progress of the country.

The Federal government and the people in charge are very specific and caution about immigrants and migrants be it minor or adults that join them. Yet speculations are always there in this context, a recent one being, US President Joe Biden was accused for a striking number of solitary migrants’ minors on the southern border, this event was the reaction of stunned resources from the US government that lead exceptionally congested and sub-standard circumstances in border facilities.

Consequences of openness in immigration have few impactful demerits on the platter.
Amplified pressure on public services like health, education etc. Public services which are considered as the root of any republic, abundance of the population will create an essential need for adequate facilities. Therefore, generating pressure on elementary services related to the public.

As the result of an immigrant skilled population, native low deft citizens are paid dwindle in real wages. Influencing the remuneration and wages of native American, leverage in immigration policies turn out to be crimes for the native’s workers. Along with an impact on the cost of living which indulge housing and renting in the zone as an outcome of overpopulation.
Immigration can create issues like overcrowding, the current state of pandemic and sensitivity of the board areas claim this trouble. Wherein people from out countries come in bulk to America for aid during this epidemic crisis in order to get proper services.
Also, diversity of immigration can be sources of conflict and disharmony among them.
Flexibility in immigration policies is not a new debatable content as the US being the most popular destination for the world’s immigrants. The policies have a major role to play in this context of immigrant’s people.

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