Bullying the Worst Nightmare for Childhood!

Children are pure souls and seeds for future growth of the country. If nurtured properly and effectively they can blossom into fruitful imminent. Hence, their raising and up bring is pivotal along with elementary facilities provided to them. It is wisely said that learning begins at home contributing in such events of development are schools. Evolution at any age is welcomed when the foundation is robust as the value of it can only be recognized when one has corrected nitty-gritty at a tender age of childhood.

Wonder, if the atmosphere of the place like schools which is an ideal arena for absorbing these astute learning’s, has abundance of bullies. That can haunt the child entire life and even converts into nightmares. Bullying is a common phenomenon for American schools wherein children do it for enjoyment, later this fun becomes nature and for the victim can lead to depression.

The tendency of culprits involved in bullying can be vindictive to the extent that it tranquil their ego and dominance. On the contrary, fatalities are often found with a sour memory and majority drop out from the school in the fear of being intimidated again. The trouble is now at an alarming stage and is a social issue globally where numerous pupils are traumatized by other children. In 2017, about 20 percent of students ages 12-18 reported being bullied at school during the school year. (Ref-https://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts).

Credit American Institutes for Research

Bullying involves unwanted aggressive behavior and argument not essentially by another student. Youngsters have an immense impact of such events on the prey, those who bully others and even the witness of this horrid act.

Mindset of children being bullied according to statistics has an astonishing fact that depicts that 56 percent of students in America, ages 12-18, thought that those who bully them had the ability to influence other students about them. The memory of such events can lead to mental issues in children and bullying can happen in school premises like in the classroom (42.1%), Locker room (12.1%) and coming first in the race is stairwell (43.4%) where most of them faced such suffering. (Ref- https://www.stopbullying.gov/resources/facts).

Out of 13,447 children (20.9%) who faced bullying according to the High School Youth Risk Behavior Survey conducted in 2019, 6803 students (25.5%) were female dominating the list of suffers whereas 6523 pupils (16.9%) were male population. In case the child belongs to Black single parent the intensity of this brutality can upsurge. According to statistics of 2019, 15.1% of blacks and 14.8% Hispanic faced bullying at school. (Ref-https://nccd.cdc.gov/YouthOnline/App/).

At school one should ensure that children feel the love, care and bonding. The space where they can breathe free without any terror. Teachers and school administration are affiliates that a child can look up to and can reach out with comfort other than parents. Love is the most efficient and effective remedy for creating the ambience of trust and concern.

America being among the leading super power country yet suffer with social issues like bullying in elementary schooling. Adverse effects on the lives of many youngsters and several cases of mental disturbance in children are reported as a result of it. To eradicate bullying in US nationwide efforts are made is much regarded as civil and human right movement in order to prevent children from this harassment. Private schools and nonprofits educational institutes affiliated by the Federal Government have to hire counselors for handling these vulnerable cases along with school educators. Yet the count of counseling to bully and victims approaching to them are remarkably low. Anti-bullying law is a vital step towards diminishing it yet one has to report to avail this aid.

Bullying laws are tricky as school has to investigate in tricky situations wherein the reputation is at stake. No formal documented complaint restricts the case to be more abrasive to examine. Not only school authorities have to be vigilant and cautious for such incidents of bullying but parents too need to make their ward understand the significance of respect and love.

Also, the number of counselors in school should be appropriate to help victims. One counselor for every 250 students is recommended according to The American School Counselor Association. The ratio of counselors is on rise for better combat of this current social issue.

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